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A Productive Rant About Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 359

by Haider
Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 359


As much as I love manga and anime, I think it’s important to rant about something every now and then. Case in point: Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 359. If you haven’t heard, this latest chapter of the series has caused a lot of uproars online because of its controversial content. Specifically, it features a scene where Deku defeats Agathion by using mind control to make him rape Mirio. Now, before we go any further, let me state that I am not condoning or endorsing child sexual abuse in any way. What I am criticizing is how this scene was handled in Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 359. First and foremost, the scene was played for laughs instead of horror. This allowed many people to watch and enjoy it without feeling any sense of discomfort or guilt. In fact, some people even went so far as to share memes and jokes about the scene on social media. This is not okay. Child sexual abuse is never funny or entertaining. It is a serious crime that should never be taken lightly or trivialized in any way. By portraying the rape as a comedic event, Boku No Hero Academia has done a disservice to

Review of the Chapter

1. The Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 359 opens with the U.A. students discussing who will be their new Class 1-A teacher as All Might leave to take a break. Izuku Midoriya, one of the students, suggests that they choose the most talented student in their class and appoint that person as the teacher. This idea is met with mixed reactions from the other students, some of whom feel that it is unfair to pick someone based on their talent alone.

2. One of the students, Katsuki Bakugo, challenges Izuku to a battle to see who is the most talented student in their class. Izuku accepts and they set a date for their match. Meanwhile, Tenya Iida has been tasked by All Might with studying hard in order to improve his Quirk so he can one day be as strong as his idol.

3. In spite of his best efforts, Tenya finds himself struggling to learn more about his Quirk and makes several mistakes during practice sessions designed to improve his skills. One day, after completing another difficult training session, he walks out of the room only to find Katsuki waiting for him. He challenges Tenya to a fight and wins easily, proving once again that he is the most talented student in their class.

4. Despite this setback, Izuku remains determined to win Katsuki’s trust and prove himself worthy of being appointed Class 1-A’s new teacher. He continues practicing diligently and

Analysis of the Character’s Actions

Since its debut in 2014, Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 359 has captivated audiences worldwide with its unique and colorful cast of characters. While many of the students have been well-received, there are a select few that have raised many eyebrows. One such character is Izuku Midoriya or Deku for short.

Deku is often seen as a weakling by many of his peers and teachers, despite having one of the strongest wills among all the students. This has led to him developing a complex character that is difficult to understand or relate to. However, through analysis of his actions, it can be seen that Deku is actually an incredibly hardworking individual who puts countless hours of effort into his studies and heroics.

While some may view Deku as a pushover who does not deserve the respect of others, the truth is that he has more than earned it through his dedication and perseverance.


I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 359 fan.
I’ve read the manga and watched the anime, but I don’t really love it.
The reason is that for me, it’s all about the characters.
Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 359 does a great job of creating likable and relatable protagonists, but its villains can sometimes feel one-dimensional and flat.
That being said, I understand why many people enjoy the series – it has a lot of action and excitement packed into each episode. That’s definitely something that can compel someone to watch an entire series in one sitting.

That being said, I do have some constructive criticism for the latest chapter of Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 359. In particular, I had problems with how it handled its pacing and its narrative structure.
First off, I think it took too long for things to get started. The first few minutes of the chapter were especially slow-paced and boring, making it difficult to invest in what was happening onscreen.
This problem was exacerbated by how choppy the pacing felt throughout most of the chapter – there were times when scenes would randomly switch back and forth between different points in time, making it hard to follow what was going on or make sense of events that had already taken place.
In addition to this general confusion regarding plot lines and timelines, there was also a lot of filler content included in this latest Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 359.


So, I was thoroughly disappointed with Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 359. To be fair, I knew that it wasn’t going to be a happy ending, but I thought the way things played out would at least be satisfying. Instead, it felt like a cheap ploy designed to drag out the story arc and create even more fan outcry. Comparing Mina’s death to that of Izuku’s mother feels particularly egregious in light of the fact that her death was unnecessary. Granted, Mina did terrible things throughout her short time on earth (and by extension, during the course of this Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 359), but there is nothing justifying her death in comparison to Izuku’s mother’s murder. Nowadays, authors are expected to kill off major characters as part of their storytelling; however, when done poorly this can actually have negative consequences for readers. In my opinion, Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 359 has been guilty of employing this tactic too often in recent chapters and it has ultimately caused dissatisfaction among fans who were looking for a fitting end to Mina’s story arc.

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