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Emma Sugiyama: 4 The Event Planners Who Started Their Own Great Wedding Company

by Haider
Emma Sugiyama

Weddings are an important part of any couple’s life. That’s where Emma Sugiyama comes in. They signify the beginning of a new chapter and, as such, demand the utmost attention to detail. As the founder of Sugiyama Events Planning, Emma has helped countless couples plan their dream weddings—all from her home office. In this blog post, we will explore her story and how you can benefit from working with her company.

Emma Sugiyama

Emma Sugiyama is a wedding planner who started her own wedding company, Sugiyama Weddings. She has been planning weddings for over 10 years, and during that time she’s learned a lot about what goes into making a perfect wedding.

One of the most important things to Emma is ensuring that her couples have a memorable event. That’s why she focuses on creating unique and unique ceremonies and receptions. Beyond just the logistics of the event itself, Emma takes care to make sure her couples are happy and having a great time during their entire Wedding day.

If you’re looking for someone who can help take your dream wedding from concept to reality, contact Emma Sugiyama at Sugiyamaweddings.com!

How Emma Started Her Wedding Company

Emma Sugiyama is a wedding planner who started her own wedding company, Sugiyama Weddings in 2012. Emma’s unique vision is to create weddings that are personal and unique for every couple she works with. Emma takes the time to get to know her couples and their families and creates each wedding based on their individual needs and desires. Her goal is for her couples to have the best possible experience from start to finish and leave their weddings feeling like the stars of the show.

Emma’s approachable nature and attention to detail have helped make Sugiyama Weddings one of the most popular wedding planners in town. Her clients range from first-time couples looking for privacy and uniqueness, to well-established families who want an event that reflects their personality and style. No matter what your budget or style may be, Emma has a dreamy wedding proposal waiting for you!

How Emma’s Wedding Company Became an Instant Success

Emma Sugiyama is a wedding planner who, after years of planning weddings for other people, decided to start her own wedding company. Initially, the idea was met with some skepticism; many believed that starting one’s own wedding company was a risky proposition. However, Emma persevered and, after a few years of hard work, her business has become an instant success.

One of the reasons why Emma’s business has been so successful is because she understands the needs of her clients; she ensures that each and every one of her weddings is unique and tailored to the individual couple. Additionally, Emma takes great care in selecting vendors; she only works with suppliers who share her same high standards. This attention to detail ensures that each and every event run by Emma’s company is flawless.

Additionally, Emma is highly organized; she knows exactly what needs to be done in order to ensure that each and every event runs smoothly. This level of organization makes it easy for her clients to relax during their events; they know that everything will be taken care of without them having to worry about a thing.

Overall, Emma’s wedding company is an excellent example of how perseverance and good organization can lead to significant success in any business endeavor.

The Benefits of Working with Emma Sugiyama

If you’re searching for a wedding planner who embodies creativity, detail, and passion, look no further than Emma Sugiyama. Sugiyama started her own wedding company in 2014 after years of planning events for friends and family. She quickly realized that she had a true passion for the business – and so began to focus on creating one-of-a-kind weddings that would reflect both her clients’ personalities and unique backgrounds.

For Sugiyama, it’s all about creating a memorable experience for her couples. “I love working with couples to create a custom day that is truly theirs,” she says. “I want them to feel like they’re getting married again – only better this time.”

Some of the key benefits of working with Emma Sugiyama include:
— Her dedication to detail means that every event is flawlessly planned, from the smallest details (like flowers) to the larger themes/concepts (like vintage weddings).
— Her artistic talent ensures each wedding is visually stunning, while her understanding of client preferences ensures that everything feels like a personal reflection of each couple.
— Her unrivaled customer service skills ensure that your needs are always foremost in her mind – no matter how big or small.


When Emma Sugiyama decided to start her own wedding company, she knew that it would be a big challenge. After all, many couples are hesitant to hire an event planner without having first tried them out themselves. But through hard work and dedication, Emma was able to build a successful business—one that she is still running today. In this article, we explore some of the key lessons that Emma learned in starting her own wedding company and how they can help you if you’re considering launching your own venture. So whether you’re looking for advice on planning your first event or want to hear about Emma’s experiences in building a successful business, read on!

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