Ingeborg Mooiweer’s path in building the MetaMind

Ingeborg Mooiweer's path in building the MetaMind

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Ingeborg Mooiweer’s journey to becoming a beacon of transformation in the world of personal development and talk therapy is one of profound significance.

From a young age, Ingeborg witnessed firsthand the impact of her mother’s narcissism, which instilled in her a deep understanding of emotional and psychological dynamics. This early exposure to adversity sparked her lifelong commitment to helping others overcome their own obstacles and unlock their true potential.

Transitioning from a successful corporate career to a more focused role in personal development, Ingeborg seamlessly blended her business acumen with her innate empathy and intelligence. Drawing from over three decades of experience and training in a cross-section of modalities, she developed the MetaMind Breakthrough method—an innovative approach that transcends traditional coaching methods by addressing deep-seated trauma and barriers hindering personal growth.

Ingeborg’s specialization encompasses a wide range of areas, from healing historical Narcissistic Personality Disorders and co-dependency to addressing attachment, abandonment, and addictive behaviors. As a Business & Personal Relationship Alchemist, she employs a unique blend of therapeutic and coaching modalities to co-create transformative experiences with her clients.

Central to Ingeborg’s philosophy is the belief that true and total transformation is possible. Through her work, she guides individuals worldwide through her total and true transformational process, offering clarity, connection, and empowerment across all aspects of life.

What does Ingeborg’s story mean for you?

If you find yourself grappling with unresolved issues or feeling trapped in patterns that hinder your growth and fulfillment, Ingeborg’s journey serves as a reminder that change is possible. By embracing your inner journey and seeking support where needed, you too can embark on a path of personal breakthrough and discover the freedom and joy that come with living authentically.

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