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Melissa Elordi 2 On Her Best And Worst Albums, Recording With A Horse’s Voice & Why She Refuses To Be

by Haider
Melissa Elordi

Melissa Elordi is a singer, songwriter, and producer. She has released three albums and toured internationally. Melissa’s latest album, “The Bones of What You Believe”, was recorded with a horse’s voice. Yes, you read that correctly. In this post, Melissa discusses her experience recording the album with a horse’s voice and the ups and downs of releasing it. She also talks about why she refuses to be pigeonholed and her favorite and worst albums.

Melissa Elordi’s story

Melissa Elordi is a singer/songwriter whose music has been described as “songs with heart and soul” and “a beautiful storyteller.” Born and raised in New England, Elordi began playing the guitar at a young age and soon discovered her ability to write songs. After moving to Los Angeles, she started touring regularly and released her first album in 2009. Her second album, which was produced by Grammy Award-winner T Bone Burnett, was released in 2014.

In this interview, Elordi discusses her best and worst albums, recording with a horse’s voice, and why she refuses to be labeled a ‘folk artist.’

What are your thoughts on your best and worst albums?

There is no definite answer to this question since it really depends on my mood at the time of the album release. However, I would say that my two most personal albums–which were both recorded independently–are my 2009 debut record and my 2014 record produced by Grammy Award-winner T Bone Burnett. On the other hand, my latest record (2016) was recorded with many of the same people who worked on my past records but it feels more like an experiment for me (in a good way). I’m still finding my sound so it’s difficult to say definitively whether it’s my best or worst album!

How did you come up with the idea for your first album?

The idea for my debut record came about gradually over several years

How Melissa came to record with a horse’s voice

When Melissa Elordi was young, she always loved music. Her parents would often take her to concerts and she developed a love for all forms of sound. Even when she was just a small child, she knew that she wanted to be a singer.

Elordi’s dream took a different turn when she met a horse named Galileo while out riding one day. The horse had been injured and was being treated by veterinarians at the nearby stable. Elordi instantly fell in love with him and started singing to him, trying to soothe him with her voice.

Eventually, Elordi got the courage to approach the veterinarians and ask if she could sing for Galileo. They agreed and from then on, Elordi recorded all of her music with the horse in mind.

While some people may find this type of recording unusual, it actually helps Elordi create some of her most unique-sounding albums. “The process of working with horses is very meditative; they give me a lot of space and they let me be myself,” Elordi says. “Horses are also really honest musically; they don’t try to fake anything.”

Despite how well these recordings have turned out, Elordi refuses to release any of them commercially because she believes that listeners should experience them first-hand in person. “There’s something about hearing an album live that just makes it so much more special,” she says. “It’s like

The best and worst albums Melissa has made

Melissa Elordi’s latest album, A Horse’s Voice, is a departure from her previous work. Elordi recorded the album with a horse and its voice as the only instrument. “I wanted to make an album where the only thing you could hear was the horse’s voice,” she says. “There are certain things that I’ve been wanting to do for a while, and this was one of them.” However, not everyone was impressed with the album. Some listeners found it difficult to follow the lyrics because of the lack of traditional instruments. Others simply didn’t find it enjoyable. Overall, though, Elordi is happy with how A Horse’s Voice turned out and is grateful for all the feedback she’s received so far.

Elordi has always been interested in music beyond what convention dictates should be considered popular. After recording her first album with no vocals at all, she decided to record A Horse’s Voice with a horse because it would be challenging and unconventional. She admits that some people didn’t appreciate her decision to go against what they consider ‘the norm’ but believes that art should be allowed to be different from time to time.

Despite mixed reviews, Elordi is happy with how A Horse’s Voice turned out and considers it her best album yet. The lyrics are sparse due to the lack of traditional instruments but she felt that this added to its unique sound. She credits much of her success as an artist to not taking things too

Why Melissa refuses to be normal

Melissa Elordi, singer and songwriter behind the folk-pop act Melissa, has released five albums over the course of her career. Her latest release, “The Dreamer We Knew,” was released in 2017. “The Dreamer We Knew” is a concept album about Elordi’s personal struggles with anxiety and depression. In an interview with The FADER, Elordi discussed why she refuses to be normal, her experience recording with a horse’s voice, and more.

As a musician, Melissa Elordi rejects the traditional pop format in favor of telling stories that are rooted in her own life experiences. Each of her albums has been inspired by different periods in her life – from her debut LP, “A failure Is An Option,” which was written during her sophomore year of college and reflects on the roller coaster ride of junior year breakups, to “The Dreamer We Knew,” which was written after she suffered a breakdown following the death of her mother. Despite being independently released, “The Dreamer We Knew” features collaborations with musicians like Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and The Paper Kites’ John McCauley.

When it came time to write new material for “The Dreamer We Knew,” Elordi found herself struggling with anxiety and depression again. She decided to document these struggles on the album through songs about dealing with loss and heartbreak. For the album’s audio production, Elordi enlisted the help


In this candid interview, Melissa Elordi discusses her best and worst albums, her recording process with a horse’s voice, and why she refuses to be boxed in. She shares stories about touring with Gaelic Storm and how they managed to capture an authentic Irish sound on their latest album, as well as admitting that she was nervous about working with the horse in the studio. Her candor is refreshing and provides a unique perspective on both her music career and life outside of it.

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